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 Site and Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Site and Roleplay Rules   Site and Roleplay Rules EmptySun Jan 26, 2014 4:26 pm

Site Rules

-Be nice to everyone, including staff members, to the best of your abilities. Avoid harmful trolling, flaming, controversial topics, making any racist, sexist, homophobic, or heterophobic remarks, and anything that may cause harm to a hamster.

-No scamming. Also, don't advertise forums anywhere that isn't in the advertisement section.

-No spamming emoticons anywhere except the designated spam area. In fact, no spamming anything anywhere except the designated spam area.

-No Mary Sues/Marty Stus.

-Respect all players. Except Mary Sues/Marty Stus, I want you to personally make them know we don't accept them here. Politely, of course.

-If you break a rule, don't try to get out of the punishment. Please.

-Don't offend staff members. They are probably overworked and underpaid.

-Posting sexual content to the boards is a bannable offense.

Role Play Rules

-This site's social aspects are rated T for Teen, while the violence is rated M for Mature. People do die pretty gruesome deaths.

-Player character deaths must be the accepted outcome of all parties entailed, including the staff member who is going to have to move the character to the graveyard.

-No Mary Sues/Marty Stus. Not even in the form of NPCs! Especially if they aren't joke characters designed to die in seconds.

-No Metagaming/God-Modding/Omniciency. You cannot just know smalltime things happened across the world, or someone you don't personally know who isn't famous in your reigion. Just the same you cannot read thoughts.

-Be Creative and Detailed. Just because there is no Mary Sue/Marty Stu anything allowed here, does not mean we disallow creativity. Paint a visual picture with your words, create a unique and fun character.

-No Sexual threads on the board. I don't want to see them. Neither should the 13 year olds who somehow find this site.

-One thread at a time. Unless the tournament is going on and your match is up. Then 2 threads at a time, though in this case, the non-tournament thread should avoid PvP combat.

-Even if you are new to RP, I don't want to see pathetic posts consisting of a couple short sentences. Thusly, I think that 50 words per post should be absolute minimum.

-Past tense, first or third person. We prefer third person here, to optimally avoid Mary Sues which are statistically known to be based around the creator.

-Post in order. If you post then they post, the order is you, them, you, them, etc. If someone joined 4 posts in the order would be you, him, you, her, him, you, her, etc. No double posting. Avoid Solo RP.

-Don't post in other peoples' applications, or uninvited in private threads, or in other people's tournament fights.

-If you leave the site, or legitimately quit, you will lose all rights to anything you have earned on this site. If you return, you must start anew.
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Site and Roleplay Rules
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