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 Charyeok Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Charyeok Rules and Template   Charyeok Rules and Template EmptySun Jan 26, 2014 4:25 pm

-Charyeok or God Point (G.P.) means to borrow strength from gods or avatars. To learn the ability of Charyeok, one must first see it in action, and learn how to bargain with their god or avatar. At a certain point, Charyeok becomes a very commonplace thing to have to fight. The hard part about dealing with Charyeok is that it has no designated form, and it is completely up to the user's imagination what form their Charyeok will take.

-There are four known variations of Charyeok forms:

  1. Weapon Enhancement - As the name suggests, the Charyeok surrounds the user's weapon, enhancing its natural capabilities.
  2. Summoning - The most common variant, the user summons their Charyeok in a form separate from themselves, having abilities separate from the user. They can also be equipped to the user, altering their appearance, and enhancing their natural skills.
  3. Parasitic - A rare form of Charyeok which lives on the user and grows as it is used. The more it grows the more powerful it becomes, though once it has spread completely, the carrier will die. Usually these are pretty powerful to begin with. It requires administrative approval to have a Parasitic Charyeok.
  4. Key - An even rarer form of Charyeok which is known as Key, which is very similar to Parasitic, transforming the user and manifesting abilities based on the charyeok. However, it requires a contract with a charyeok to be made before one is even a user, most often at birth or early childhood. It doesn't kill the user to use. There is a limit to the number of people who may become Keys.

-In order to obtain Charyeok, one must be taught how it works through an instructive thread with someone who can already use it, at at least Physical Level 7. This is one of two way to make it to Physical Level 8. The other way being a training thread involving it being revealed that you're Mutu Clan member. If you've done either of these at Physical Level 7, you will level up to Physical Level 8.

-If one opts to be a Mutu Clan member, they cannot ever use Charyeok, and gain the stat points that the charyeok would be attaining. Mutu clansmen may be selected to become Keys, but it may not be requested and only staff may offer it. (The player need not accept if they do not wish it)

-Do note that Charyeok abilities are most often a 'Per GP' basis, meaning that each GP spent using the Move adds the listed effects, so a move that generates 5 swords can generate 10 for 2 GP. The cap on GP spent for those techniques is roughly double the tier (exceptions will likely be made)

Some moves that are more powerful may cost larger set amounts of GP, such as a move that fires a concentrated energy beam costing 20 GP. These moves usually cost more due to area of effect, lethal capabilities, and such. For ever doubling of a base cost, a character is treated as 1 level higher for damage calculation purposes, so a base cost 2 would treat them as one higher, 4 cost would be 2, and 10 cost would be 3, 20 cost would be 4 etc etc. You cannot bypass your own tier by doing this so you will get into metaphorical levels (fighter level 12). Your move may not multiply cost more times than its tier. (So the cap on base cost is 2000 gp)

Maximum Base Cost Per Tier:

Charyeok Name: These really just vary, generally influenced by the appearance)
Type: (Weapon Enhancement, Summon, or Parasite)
Appearance: (Describe how the Charyeok makes an apparition when displayed can be anything you can imagine)
Personality: (Summoning Types generally have viewable personalities)
Stat(s)/Moves: (What are the stats and moves of the Charyeok while being used in combat?)

[b]Charyeok Name:[/b] (These really just vary, generally influenced by the appearance)
[b]Type:[/b] (Weapon Enhancement, Summon, or Parasite)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Describe how the Charyeok makes an apparition when displayed can be anything you can imagine)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Summoning Types generally have viewable personalities)
[b]Stat(s)/Moves[/b] (What are the stats and moves of the Charyeok while being used in combat?)
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Charyeok Rules and Template
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