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 Project GoH: Patch 2.0

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PostSubject: Project GoH: Patch 2.0   Project GoH: Patch 2.0 EmptySun Feb 08, 2015 7:56 pm

The site has been undergoing some major alterations over the last few months. This thread is only in place to specify what has and hasn't been changed. All of these changes were put in place to either better emulate the canon, add variety, or to simplify normally simple processes like RPing.

Tier and Level System

The Tier and Level system has been developed in order to emulate the canon more than the original 12 level system had allowed. This system takes into account everything from babies to gods and all that is in between. A basic breakdown can be read below, or you can get more info in the Physical Levels and Tiers thread.

Civilian Tier (Level 1)

This tier is for just about every NPC that lives in Human civilization. On the scanner, they show up as Level 1. With that in mind there are 5 levels within, ranging from an infant to people on par with low level Fighter Tier. Either way, they show up as Level 1 and are the bottom of the barrel in a fight. Players can be in this tier if they so choose, but there is no benefit to doing so. At this tier, characters can advance levels very quickly through any means.

Fighter Tier

This is the area that is displayed at the beginning of the canon. This is basically where each character earns their stripes. Throughout it, the character advances the most in terms of versatility. They will earn the ability to use higher tier techniques, unlock Charyeok, and many other things. The levels read on the scanner watch are directly correlated to the actual level, but little differences in level don't matter as much.

Monster Tier

This tier occurs right around the third section in the canon. Characters in this tier begin to be capable of dealing significant damage to the environment in everyday combat. The very weakest members of The Six fall into this tier. Once in this tier, characters have access to the Sage Realm in person instead of emulating their presence there through GOD TIER Online, and may get experience through SLs in that environment.

Ascendant Tier (Demi-God)

This tier is the highest a Player Character can play in and levels differently. Specifically, they level by not fighting at their highest capacity. They are world breakers who must seal their own powers in order to advance themselves, and gain power over many completed threads without breaking seal. If they do break the seal, the character will need to start over from the first Ascendant Level. The best of the best are at this Tier, but you'd never guess it.

God Tier

An NPC only Tier, which can be reached with enough hard work. If a player character reaches God Tier, it is removed from the player's control and becomes an NPC, only to be used as a plot device, or in situations deemed appropriate by staff. This NPC can be played by the original Player, or by a Staff member, but will remain as an important figure, possibly even worshipped by the site for years to come. As a prize for achieving this tier, the Player can make a character of any tier, level or class, even a Civilian Tier Judge, and may use any template to do so, because honestly, they've earned it.

Stat System

This system was developed to add diversity among characters. Simply put, the stats make it so two kick specialists of the same level and tier can have totally different skill sets and moves. Even two masters of the same exact style can have their priorities in completely different areas of combat and thusly fight entirely differently. This was also put into place so that there are key differences between classes. For more info see the Stats and Martial Arts Rules

Updates to Leveling System

The previous leveling system was both relatively incomprehensive and didn't line up with the new tier and level system. The new and improved system, focuses on Experience Points gained from PvP, Private Missions, Training, and general Roleplaying all graded by staff members with undisclosed formulae. This allows the players to focus on personal plots, hard work, and even helping move the site's plot along instead of it being entirely about the Tournament. This is to promote fun and depth, instead of systematic competitive roleplay. For more info, see the Leveling Up, PvP, HP and GP rules.

United States

Due to the overwhelming preference of the United States in the Character applications area in which everyone except for the judges were lining to to RP in the US of A, and the fact that this made the other 59+ areas look wholly unneeded and thusly making the site feel far too big, we have made it so the United States is the focus of the plot. This allows us to spread RPs through a multitude of different boards instead of a single area in a sea of another 60 areas. This will expand further given enough people want to extend the site to other countries.

Hidden Judges

All of the Judges' abilities and stats have been hidden away, partly for plot reasons, and partly because them being on display will give the players unrealistic expectations. Given use, the Judges will give a glimpse of the power they have used, but it will only be that info at a time, never full details.


If you are reading this, then I welcome you to Project God of Highschool. Please enjoy your stay on this, our most humble of Roleplays.
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Raging Alcoholic

Raging Alcoholic

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PostSubject: Re: Project GoH: Patch 2.0   Project GoH: Patch 2.0 EmptyMon Feb 09, 2015 12:09 am

GOAT Patch! Let's get this site on a rooooooooooolllll! *got wasted just for this occasion* *was wasted anyways*
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Project GoH: Patch 2.0
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