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 Sample Charyeoks (Canon Samples)

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Sample Charyeoks (Canon Samples) Empty
PostSubject: Sample Charyeoks (Canon Samples)   Sample Charyeoks (Canon Samples) EmptyWed Jan 28, 2015 1:35 pm

The following are canonical examples of Charyeok of the various types...

Quote :
Charyeok Name: Bastard
Type: Weapon Enhancement
Appearance: Bastard essentially takes on the form of an energy blade extending out from whatever item they can hold like a sword. The energy is white and luminescent, giving off a sound effect akin to a lightsaber.
Personality: N/A
Stat(s)/Moves (Fighter Level 8 )
Ergokinetic Blade Creation: 2

Bastard Blade - Tier 2
Martial Art: Bastard
Type: Ergokinetic Blade Creation
Description: The user generates an oversized blade of energy a foot thick and 7 feet long per gp, complete with a crossguard. While active, sword moves deal extra damage and have extended range.

Quote :
Charyeok Name: Hatae
Type: Summoning
Appearance: When shown in full form it takes the shape of a blue dog-like creature with multiple fangs,  big nose and eyes, and a top hat.
Personality: Hatae is an interesting creature who is loving towards his master, but is young and thusly not very mature.
Stat(s)/Moves (Monster Level 1)
Water Manipulation: 5
Bubble Creation: 5

Bubble Bubble - Tier 2
Martial Art: Hatae
Type: Bubble Creation
Description: The user generates a bubble which floats. This bubble can contain and support a large amount of weight and defends people inside. It can take up to 20 points of damage per gp (200 from fighter tier, 2000 from civilian tier) before popping.

Water Shield - Tier 5
Martial Art: Hatae
Type: Bubble Creation/Water Manipulation
Description: Generates a bubble of water around the user which fends off attacks, up to 50 damage per GP (500 from fighter tier, 5000 from civilian tier).

Water Piercing Horns - Tier 5
Martial Art: Hatae
Type: Water Manipulation
Description: The user condenses water into a solidified (though not frozen) state, and juts it from the ground in the form of 5 blades, which cuts surrounding foes.

Quote :
Charyeok Name: Greed
Type: Parasite
Appearance: Greed takes the form of a grey, serpent-like tattoo with red eyes and pointed teeth. It is located on the user's left arm. It appears to grow larger each time it is used. When in use this power takes the form of a black pit filled with giant teeth and a bunch of different colored eyes.
Personality: Greed doesn't particularly act much, a being of hate and avarice which consumes all and goves away none.
Stat(s)/Moves (Monster Level 1)
Charyeok Assimilation: 6
Regeneration: 2
Branches: 2

Charyeok Regen - Tier 4
Martial Art: Greed
Type: Charyeok Assimilation - Regeneration
Description: By consuming the charyeok of their foe the user can recover from large sums of damage, regenerating 28 HP per GP.

Assimilate - Tier 6
Martial Art: Greed
Type: Charyeok Assimilation
Description: The user can use any and all of the charyeoks they've absorbed, and use any move they have as if the governing stat was 6. They can maintain up to 36 charyeoks at a time.

Absorb - Tier 4
Martial Art: Greed
Type: Branches - Charyeok Assimilation
Description: By extending branches of itself from the tattoo, Greed devours and absorbs a charyeok of equal or lesser quality. The original user cannot use their charyeok. This can also be a direct attack, and if the foe is killed by the attack, their Charyeok is assimilated.

Quote :
Charyeok Name: Nine-Tails Guardian
Type: Key
Appearance: There was once a fox who, after a 1000 years of training, became a top level god that served the heavenly emperor himself. As always, these gods were very jealous. Many gods, even the heavenly emperor, feared the unnatural power that a mere creation possessed, and they ended up trying to kill him. The fox who was angry at such a betrayal, wreaked havoc across heaven killed many gods, fled down to earth, and entered sleep, while waiting for his revenge.

It significantly changes the appearance of its user giving them white hair and fox like eyes with red corners. It also makes their pupils have slits. This Charyeok also gives the user seven fox's tails made of flames and fox ears at the top of their head.
Personality: N/A
Stat(s)/Moves (Monster Level 1, Key *gained Charyeok stats since Fighter level 2*)
Pyrokinesis: 10
Fox Generation: 5
Ability Control: 7

Fox Rain - Tier 6
Martial Art: Nine-Tail Guardian
Type: Pyrokinesis
Description: The user manipulates fire to generate a multiplicity of blades to assail their foe frome above.

Heavenly Fire - Tier 8
Martial Art: Nine-Tail Guardian
Type: Pyrokinesis
Description: Generates a large blade made of fire from the user's elbow and then slashes with it, leaving a deep gash in their foe as if it actually cut.

Demon Night - Tier 7
Martial Art: Nine-Tail Guardian
Type: Fox Generation - Pyrokinesis
Description: The user creates a large number of 9 tailed foxes made of fire to attack the foe. These vary from the size of the average red fox, to incredibly large foxes, though they are all the same durability.

Key Skill: Seal Removal - Tier 8
Martial Art: Nine-Tail Guardian
Type: Ability Control - Pyrokinesis
Description: Forming a massive pentagram of fire around themself and others, the user uses the flames as a concentration point, creating a large area where the seals placed on others are released. Anyone who had their Charyeok Sealed by some means iis instead made capable of using it, given the user wills it. This serves as a multi-target unsealing technique.


If you are reading this, then I welcome you to Project God of Highschool. Please enjoy your stay on this, our most humble of Roleplays.
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Sample Charyeoks (Canon Samples)
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