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 Stats and Martial Arts Rules

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Stats and Martial Arts Rules Empty
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Stats and Martial Arts Rules

Stats are a very important part of combat, which is a very important part of God of High School. The overall power of each move that can be done requires simple, basic math. Stats themselves are very interesting on its use here as it is almost entirely dependent on each character.

The basic stats are Punching and Kicking. They determine the power and skill present in punches and kicks. Every person has them, no matter what martial art or lack thereof they have. Asides this, each character can have any number of other stats they can spread points between. The average number to each character is between 6 and 8, but literally the only thing stopping a person from having 40 stats is the fact that it would be troublesome to figure out 40 stats.

Why have less stats? Because focused characters can have higher tier techniques.

A character at the very least has 1 stat point to put into stats, at Civilian Level 1. At Fighter Level 2 (the usual starting level) they have 8 stat points. A character gains more stat points as they gain levels depending on the tiers. A basic stat with 1 in it is free of cost, and as such each and every person has 1 point in every single stat that is and ever will be.

Charyeok also gains stats as the user of it, Mutu path characters gain double stat points to make up for the lack of charyeok, starting when they take the Mutu path. Keys gain stats as Mutu clan members and their Key Form gains stats from their starting point on (starting level 2), Mages need a stat for each element or variant of magic they use, and Judges' and Bishops' Charyeoks gain double stat points to make up for their lack of alternative stats.

A character also has a separate pool of Skill Points equal to half of their total Stat Points, which they may only spend on Skill Stats. They may also spend their regular Stat Points on Skill Stats, should they choose to.

If a character has a stat that is higher than their physical level, which is also their main martial art's specialty, then their level will sporadically appear to jump to that level any time they use it. This has no bearing on damage calculation and is purely aesthetic.

Tier :: Stat Points per Level

Civilian :: 1 Point Per Level
Fighter :: 2 Points Per Level
Monster :: 4 Points Per Level
Ascendant :: 10 Points Per Level
God Tier :: ?? Points Per Level

Stat Scaling
(For RP Purposes)

Solid Stats

Stats such as the basic stuff, Punching and Kicking, are simple to scale with and basically act like a pseudo strength stat. Basically, the more points you put into it, the more powerful and skillful your general melee attacks are. Noting how diverse the stats can be, each solid stat only references a small frame of things a person can do, making it so a person who can kick a car over onto its back can't necessarily knee worth anything. This gives a good enough reason to balance stats a bit.

1: The character can perform the action at a basic level, if that.
3: The character is practiced, and can perform more technical maneuvers with the stat.
5: At this point the stat is capable of being used to deal real damage, lifting large sums of weight, roughly double their weight with the appropriate limb, and their skill is enough to perform all of their most advanced non-abstract techniques masterfully.
8: At this point moves are just scaling, and the character can use the appropriate limb to lift 6 times their weight.
10: At this point in the stat the character can lift 10x their weight with the appropriate limb, and force is capable of blowing of lesser physical levels away.
12+: The character can lift their stat times their weight with the appropriate limb, and can deliver damage scaling upwards, not bypassing their physical level and such.

Weapon Stats

A Weapon Stat is any stat which requires the presence of a weapon, such as slashing, stabbing, shooting. These are in essence just a Solid Stat which also serve as a Weapon Proficiency. The higher the stat, the more powerful and skillful with the weapon the user is. Weapon Stats are also used to denote proficiency in a National Treasure. For example Yu Mi-Ra would have a Bong-Seon Stat, which would be used as a stat for Moves that were abilities of the National Treasure in question, such as it's teleportation, or its activated form which enhances damage and her Charyeok.

1: The user can perform the maneuver in question at a basic level, if that.
3: The user is practiced in the maneuver, and may perform more technical feats involving it.
5: The user would be considered a master of the art by anyone worth saying so, and is capable of performing any non-abstract variant of the maneuver in question masterfully and with great finesse.
8: At this point the character may utilize a National Treasure's most basic abilities, such as teleporting or levitating a weapon back to hand, activating a combat form, and enhancing the user's charyeok.
10: This level may access the more distinguished abilities of a National Treasure, such as reshaping Tiny Dragon Nunchuks into a Staff, or Electrically Augmenting attacks with Mjolnir.
12+: Scaling mostly, the character may upscale the power behind their National Treasure's abilities.

Weapon Stat Notes:

Abstract Stats

This kind of stat is very tricky, since its effects are not very apparent at a glance. Abstract stats are trained concepts taught by a martial art which doesn't have any logical effects like Breathing, or effects that can be utilized like Air Manipulation. These stats scale much differently and are befittingly useless at early levels.

1: The character has no more ability to utilize the Abstract stat than any normal human, and have no tricks in particular with them.
3: This level of stat has the character more capable than a normal person at the Abstract stat, but it doesn't do anything in particular yet, asides maybe basic logical stuff. (Breathing stat lets them Breath more efficiently, not losing stamina as quickly)
5: This level is capable of using incredibly minor supernatural effects. Air Manipulation can produce enough of a gust to blow someone's hair back, stuff like that, but nothing move worthy.
8: At this level of stat, the character can create offensive and supplementary moves using the abstract stat, and their control over it.
10: With this level in an abstract stat, one can fight using the stat almost exclusively with enough moves. Beyond this stat is simply scaling.
12+: At this point and beyond the character may unleash their abstract attacks with upwards-scaling deadly force.

Skill Stats

This type of stat is very similar to an Abstract Stat in that it doesn't see much combat use until later on. This would be a stat like Stealing, Leadership, and Analysis. These stats exist to supplement what the character can do both in and out of combat. It is safe to say that those without skill stats are not proficient at any skill they claim to have. As with all stats, Skill Stats are not limited to examples: there are innumerable with their own distinct effects and capabilities. Unlike other Stats, Skill Stats may not exceed the cap of 5, which represents absolute mastery over the skill.

1: The character may attempt the skill, but is not trained or talented in any way, so it's quite likely to fail unless it's the simplest task.
3: The user of the stat is capable of reliably performing most tasks involving the Skill in a timely manner with little difficulty. At this point a Leader may inspire the bold to take action, and boost the morale of the downtrodden. A Lockpicker can pick any typical key lock in less than a minute.
5: At this point, a skill user is considered to be a master of the skill in question, and would be highly regarded amongst peers. They can perform miraculous acts of skill and finesse, bordering on the impossible. A leader could inspire a mutinous and violent crew of soldiers to follow his orders for a battle; a Lockpicker could pick locks he's never even seen before in less than a minute, and key locks in a few seconds. At this point, a practical skill like Stealing could be used in combat to gain an advantage against a weapon-specialist opponent.

Charyeok Stats

Charyeok stats are difficult to differentiate between other kinds of stats. The only real difference is that the Charyeok starts with its scaling at supernatural, and provides much needed supernatural feats. Also these effects can be very much directly supernatural, so stuff like Energy Sword Generation, Scythe Production, String Manipulation, Water Manipulation, is all wholly viable stats for a Charyeok, however, the starting rank for any given Charyeok stat is 0. Note that for damage purposes, the charyeok's stats are treated as if 5 higher.

1: Basic performance of the Charyeok's ability, allowing them to perform basic acts with their charyeok ability.
3: The charyeok's stat is capable of being used in general combat, versatility is added to it.
5+: The charyeok can now give access to more powerful effects based on the stat, basically scaling at this point.

Martial Arts Rules

-Martial Arts is a term referring to any method of fighting your character may be proficient in. In order to maintain balance, each character starts with one Martial Art.

-Any martial art that is approved may be both used and even have moves added to it with the approval of the initial creator, or a moderator in the case of inactive creator. Any moves that are made for it can be learned by anyone with the style, though they may require a high physical level.

-A character may learn extra martial arts through the use of skills. Please note that the first martial art will be the character's main and best martial art.

-No 'perfect' martial arts that cover every plausible weakness on their own.

-No instant-kill or auto-hit moves.

-Moves are applied for after the martial art is approved.

-Each Martial Art has 3 specialties and 3 sub specialties. All these are are a general category of moves (punches, kicks, footwork, elbows, etc.) or aspects (improvisation, energy focus, weaponry, etc.) that the style teaches the users. Specialties are highly focused on, and generally reach the supernatural point with ease. The sub specialties are less focused upon, but are still taught, thusly the character can do them with more proficiency.

-Each Specialty and Sub Specialty represents a stat. The first martial art the user learns nets them a +3 on each Specialty stat, and +1 on each Sub Specialty stat. Any latter martial arts they learn net them a +1 on each Specialty stat.

-A character may only learn an extra martial art from another person in a training thread. This requires permission of the martial art's creator to learn (or a staffer in the case of an inactive creator). There is a soft limit on the number of martial arts a character may know equal to their Tier as a number (Civilians may have 1, Fighters 2, Monsters 3, Ascendants 4, and Gods 5).

-A character may make moves for any martial art they know. If a move falls under two martial arts, anyone who knows either martial art may use the technique, given the correct stat and physical level.

-A martial art may attain a move with tier equal to the user's Physical Level, but may be no higher than the cooresponding stat's value. So a Physical Level 8 fighter with 4 in the Elbowing stat, will not be able to use an elbow attack that is tier 5, even though they are Level 8.

-If a move would be represented by two or more stats, the maximum rank is the (mean) average between them.

-A move deals damage equal to its tier times the base stat, and divided or multiplied by the physical level difference rounding up. (A tier 3 kick from a person with 7 in the Kick stat, hitting a person 2 physical levels higher than them, will deal 11 damage)

-For damage and defense purposes, a person of a higher tier is considered 10 levels higher per level beyond the first, 100 levels per level beyond the first if they are two tiers, 1000 levels per level beyond the first if three. A max level person in a tier, counts as if they are the first level of the upper tier for purposes of dealing with fighters of the upper tier.

-Martial Arts buffing techniques are only allowed to be developed by Mutu Clan members. These buffing techniques require an appropriate abstract stat, which must also be at least an 8. The buffing technique lets them treat themselves as if they were the move's tier minus 7 higher in levels for damage calculation and combat consideration, not bypassing their tier and thusly getting into metaphorical levels (fighter level 12). Buffing techniques must also have drawbacks proportionate to the effects they unleash IC.

Move Tiers:

Martial Art Name:
Other Names: (Less formal names for the style)
Description: (Describe the style's ups and downs. What makes this style so special, if anything. Give me a list of 3 specialties and 3 sub specialties of the style. At least 2 paragraphs and probably a list)
History: (How was it developed. 2 paragraphs minimum.)

[b]Martial Art Name:[/b]
[b]Other Names:[/b] (Less formal names for the style)
[b]Description:[/b] (Describe the style's ups and downs. What makes this style so special, if anything. Give me a list of 3 specialties and 3 sub specialties of the style. At least 2 paragraphs and probably a list)
[b]History:[/b] (How was it developed. 2 paragraphs minimum.)

Move Name - Tier
Martial Art: [url=link to the approved martial art]Name of approved martial art[/url]
Type: (Punch, Kick, Block, Wind Manipulation?)

[b]Move Name[/b] - [i]Tier[/i]
[b]Martial Art:[/b] [url=link to the approved martial art]Name of approved martial art[/url]
[b]Type:[/b] (Punch, Kick, Block, Wind Manipulation?)


If you are reading this, then I welcome you to Project God of Highschool. Please enjoy your stay on this, our most humble of Roleplays.
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Stats and Martial Arts Rules
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