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 Physical Levels and Tiers

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Physical Levels and Tiers Empty
PostSubject: Physical Levels and Tiers   Physical Levels and Tiers EmptyFri Sep 12, 2014 11:39 pm

So your friend points his watch at you, and says that you have a 'Physical Level' of 1, and then proceeds to have a laugh. Offended, you point his watch at him, and read that he's 'Physical Level 4'. Because of your experience with video games and such, you believe you aren't too much weaker than he is, and it leads to a brawl. You're pretty sure that those karate classes you took two years ago might help even though you didn't pay too much mind, but what you didn't know, was that your pal stuck with them to this day even, and you wind up completely unconscious in one blow, zero contest.

Why would this happen? According to every game ever, the level difference between 1 and 4 is still enough for you to have had a shot at hitting him at least, or maybe had a chance to defend, but you found yourself at the mercy of your friend's fist. He picks you up a minute later, and begins explaining what just happened. It makes you feel inadequate, and you wish to advance a bit more than you're at. So maybe you can block a punch.

Physical Levels are broken into 5 tiers: Civilian Tier (Level 1), Fighter Tier (Martial Tier), Monster Tier, Ascendant Tier (Semi-God), and God Tier. They each have either 5 or 10 Levels each.

Civilian Tier
"Sensei, can I go home? I'm getting really tired, and I have work tomorrow!"

Civilian tier is jokingly referred to as 'Level 1' by anyone who can read it, as the New-Age GoH Watch cannot read a physical level that is below 1 but above 0. This basically ranges everywhere between a newborn baby to a really drunk guy with a chair. Civilian tier characters cannot have martial arts techniques. Civilians level up exponentially quicker than other Tiers, as they are the bottom of the barrel, but there's still some effort involved, generally involving character development, and getting beaten down, a lot.

Civilian Levels:

Fighter Tier
"You have dishonored my family. We must engage in combat!"

Known as the Martial Tier, these people are unrealistically skilled at martial arts or fighting in general. Because of this they can pull off actual techniques, and fight with power that transcends human limitations, making them a cut above the martial arts practitioners of the modern day. These are the most frequent competitors in the God of High School Tournament, and also the most common tier for Priests in Nox.

Late level fighters tend to physically transcend limitations of the human body, either through the means of secret ancient techniques from the days when humans and demons warred, or by borrowing power from gods themselves. Badass. There are 10 Levels of Fighter Tier called Physical Levels because this tier is the only one that corresponds number for number with the readings on the watch. Leveling up at Fighter tier is considered the 'average' leveling speed.

Fighter Levels:

Monster Tier
"Good god, it's not of this world."

This tier doesn't have a nickname. It is literally what it is. In order to survive around the Sage Realm (that which is between the realm of the Humans and the realm of the Gods) one must be of this tier at the very least. A lot of the time they can get along with civilian tier people, but if ever a fight broke loose their strength is far too superior be even fought by most fighters. This is the tier the majority of judges and bishops are, and their combat skills are inhuman by many means. Often they pick up on martial arts so quickly that they can master one within weeks, or their talent is actually capable of defeating even the most iconic of fighter tier combatants. As such there are 5 Levels of the Monster Tier. Advancement along this path is difficult to measure, both fast and slow at the same time, and also generally requires immense effort, training, and a lot of times, plot interference.

Sage Realm:

Monster Levels:

Ascendant Tier
"Quiver, mortals, for my very footsteps leave an impression in fate itself!"

Otherwise known as Semi-God, people of this tier are a cut above the heroes of legend. Personally capable of feats, that heroes are reknown for as a part of their simple day to day life. Their physical level is comparitively immeasureable and the only people worthy of their full strength are destined for greater things anyways. Ascendant tier fighters seal their full power so as to not break reality with their very steps. Why these people don't walk the heavens is one of the greatest mysteries, and the reason why the God of High School tournament is a thing. Training at this level is in fact so difficult to do, that almost everyone who reaches this tier will not progress to the next step up, as releasing one's full power will reduce them to the first level. There are, regardless of this, 10 levels of growth.

Ascendant Levels:

God Tier

At this tier there is but one level. The level of being a god. At this level the character is considered an NPC, and is only allowed to be played in important events or events that involve them directly. Achieving this tier grants the player bragging rights essentially, but their character is too powerful to walk the mortal or sage realms without circumstances requiring they do so. The NPC may be played by either the person who achieved this, or staff members in the case the player is inactive. For achieving this, the player may make any class of character to replace their character, even Keys, and do so with the normal template if they so choose, at any level or tier, and they may advance as they see fit, albeit one level at a time and only once at a time in the case of mid-pvp leveling. Great work, you've earned it.


If you are reading this, then I welcome you to Project God of Highschool. Please enjoy your stay on this, our most humble of Roleplays.
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Physical Levels and Tiers
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