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 Valen Rhodes

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Valen Rhodes Prussi10
Basic Statistics

Name: Valen Rhodes
Nickname: Boy from the Fire
Meaning of name: Valen: Strong, Rhodes: A Clearing in Woodland
Origin of name: Valen: Latin, Rhodes: Old English
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Blood type: O+
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: White Canadian
Race: White
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Current status: Single
Political Party: Nox
Police/Criminal/Legal record: None
Socioeconomic level as a child: Lower class
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Low-Upper Class
Birth date: January 1st
Birth place: Unknown
Current residence: Virginia, United States
Occupation: Nox Priest
Title/Rank: Priest
Hobbies/Pastimes: Killing GOH Participants, Stalking People

Past History

Hometown: Princeton, British Columbia
First Memory: First clear memory is the death of both parents in a large house fire, age 4
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: After praying to be saved, he was rescued from the fire by a Priest with a sword and a bluish aura.
Why/How?: That was when he first decided to devote his life to Nox to repay the gods for saving him.
Other memories/events that still affects him/her and why/how: His time training with the Priest that saved him, who was known as Priest Gorrou.
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: He failed to manifest his Charyeok as early as the other Priests. He actually became a Priest before obtaining his Charyeok. He also lied about it to his peers saying that he simply didn’t need it then so he didn’t even try to get a Charyeok.
Biggest role model: All Bishops from Nox
Why?: He looks up to them out of admiration.
Biggest disillusions from childhood: He originally thought he could become a Priest right away but found out he had to train first, then become a Believer, and finally raise to become a Priest.
History: The first thing he remembers clearly is the fire that engulfed his house on the outskirts of Princeton, British Columbia. He was four years old at the time. By that time his parents were already dead and burning at that point and his arm was searing from the burn that had just been inflicted from a falling plank of wood. He had managed to get the plank off of his arm but the room was still surrounded by flames. After what seemed like an eternity he started praying that he be saved.

Then a cloaked man walked in, the flames seemingly moving out of the way for him. The man stood by the boy and looked over into the other room, where the bodies of Valen’s parents were still burning. The man looked down at Valen. Then he asked, “Boy, are you alright.” Valen just stared up in a daze. The man realized he wasn’t getting an answer and pulled out a large sword easily five feet long. The handle was enough to fit two hands but he wielded it with one. The guard was shaped like an “I” on its side and the blade was straight up to the tip where it mad an immediate 45 degree turn on both sides until it met at a point.

He walked over to the wall and swung the sword, completely busting the wall open. The man grabbed Valen around the waist and jumped out of the burning house. Valen would finally speak up to ask if the man was sent by God. The man was surprised at this. At this point he thought it must be the work of the gods sending him there to rescue this boy for some purpose. The man replied with a yes and introduced himself as Priest Gorrou. Valen replied ecstatically.

Priest Gorrou, who was about age 30 at the time, then decided to take Valen under his wing and teach him to become a member of the Nox organization. Gorrou taught Valen how to fight through intense training methods. After the training to strengthen his body and teaching him how to fight from the basics, Valen was given two options by Gorrou. It was to either learn martial arts from him and specialize in that, or develop something called a Charyeok to harness the gods’ powers. Valen was originally going to go with Charyeok but changed his mind and went to martial arts, to which Gorrou simply smiled and nodded in approval.

Through the use Gorrou’s training and martial art, and Valens own interest in old-style guns, he developed his own style of fighting called “Faust und Gewehr” which is German for “Fist and Gun”. He created and modeled his guns after the Dreyse Needle Gun but modernized and upgraded them. The reason the name is in German is because his master was German, which is also where he learned German. By the time Valen’s training was completed, at this point he was 18, he was already accepted into Nox as a believer. After about a year he was officially made into a Priest. Normally when becoming a Priest, they have to have excellent control over their Charyeok, but Valen hadn’t even manifested a Charyeok. He told others it was because he didn’t need it but in actuality, he wasn’t able to.

When he became a Priest he excitedly went to tell his former master, Priest Gorrou, that they were now on equal ground. What he found was that Gorrou had recently been killed by a Judge of GOH. This saddened him but did not anger him. He paid his last respects and moved on as a Priest. He knew he had to go into Charyeok training soon, but not yet.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’11” (180.3 cm)
Weight: 170  lbs (77.1 kg)
Posture: Always straight and upright posture
Build: Strong and well defined muscles through rigorous training. Not huge but a pretty good toned size.
Skin: Light skin with no signs of tanning.
Hair: Silver, combed back over ears, sideburns, hair reaches to the bottom of his neck. Short hair combed behind ears spikes up.
Widow's peak?: No
Ears: Oval but have a slight point at the top.
Eyes: His eyes are a mystical purple, the pupil is rarely visible and his eyes seem to draw people in.
Nose: Average size, pointed
Mouth: Wide mouth, White teeth
Face shape: Oval
Expressions: When he is happy he will have an open mouth smile and his eyes will be wide with delight. He will be using his hands in extravagant movements while speaking. When serious (in a fight), he will have himself in a fighting stance and a still overconfident look on his face along with a smirk. When preying to the gods or speaking of them, he will still be using his extravagant hand gestures. He will also have a more serious look on his face or maybe one like a dog waiting for its master’s orders.
Describe their smile: Wide with parted teeth. His smile seems to stretch across his whole face.
Hands: Strong and muscled
Feet: Strong and sturdy
Tattoos/Scars?: Burn on his right forearm from the fire when he was a child. The scar is about 4 inches up and down his arm and reaches along the sides of his arm. The edges of the scar are ridged from failed healing. He has the omega sign tattooed on the left side of his chest.
Glasses/Contacts?: No
Left/Right handed?: Ambidextrous
Distinguishing features: Naturally Purple eyes and Silver hair
Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: Neither
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Very showy
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Typical Nox Uniform
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: Many different disguises for his undercover operations.
Jewelry: Earrings with the Omega symbol on them.
Other accessories: None
Weapons: Custom Dreyse Needle Gun x10, carries them in a cylinder-shaped holder, with the top shut unless in use. Carried on his back with a strap running diagonally from his right shoulder to his left side.
Health: Rarely gets sick but will on an occasion.
Hygiene: Cleans on a regular basis.
Physical Flaws: Scar on his arm from the fire.
Physical Qualities: None


Are they generally balanced or clumsy?: Balanced
Mannerisms/Poses/Movement: Often looking upwards and talks with his hands.
Describe their walk: Valen walks with his shoulders back eyes straight forward with a strut.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: After his kills, he announces to the gods of his handiwork as if it were a present to them. Also, when he is stalking people, he sometimes hums the Jaws theme song.
Speech Patterns: He talks loud.
Unique phrases/words: “If you die now you will never see paradise! So let me give you a glimpse!”
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent?: He curses a lot.
Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): *smiles* “Congratulations! You get to die for the sake of the gods!” *points gun at enemy* “To bad for you, though. I guess that means you won’t be seeing paradise! So let me give to you a glimpse!!”  
Voice: His voice has a fairly smooth sound that is somewhere in between baritone and tenor. He most often speaks loudly and with much emphasis.
Describe their laugh: His laugh is higher than his voice and sounds like “guhaha”. Like his voice, his laugh gets loud.
Describe their sleep patterns: He is a light sleeper and the amount of sleep he gets varies greatly. However he always seems to have gotten enough rest as he never seems tired from lack of sleep.
Describe their dwelling/house: His house is not very personalized except for a training room both outside and inside. He had a TV and a laptop along with other essential devices like a refrigerator. It is always kept clean.
Describe their bedroom: Neat and tidy, not to many bits personalized. Just a bed, nightstand, and room for storage of disguises.
Describe their daily rituals: On a day off he will alternate between praising the gods and training while eating when required. On a day he has to work, he will eat his meals at specific times and make sure to get where he needs to be on time. He will ask from his superiors what he needs to do and obediently follow them. He will stop to praise the gods when he has time but if he does not he will do it on the go.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence Level: 125
Known Languages: English, Korean, German
Character's long-term goals/desires in life: Become a Bishop of Nox
Character's short-term goals/desires in life: Kill as many GOH Participants as possible
Secret desires: Valen wants the bishops to be more strict to who they let in Nox.
How self-confident is the character?: He is very overconfident and will overestimate his abilities.
How do they see him/herself?: He sees himself as a proud member of Nox and servant of the gods.
How do they believe s/he is perceived by others?: He thinks he is thought of as a great leader and role model.
What is the character most proud of?: His position as Priest.
What does the character like least about themselves?: He is most frustrated that he is having a tough time manifesting his Charyeok.
How do they express themselves?: He is very expressive and will use extravagant movements and a loud voice.
Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: He is a very dominant person.
Patience level: High
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: He is more often ruled by emotion.
Most at ease when: In the Nox Chapel.
Ill at ease when: None, he is too overconfident.
Describe their sense of humor: He will laugh at most jokes.
If granted one wish, what would it be?: Become a Bishop and destroy the GOH Judges.
Why?: That is his ultimate dream and his way of serving the gods.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Charismatic, one who will take charge of a situation. Motivator.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Doesn’t consider other people’s feelings. Stalker. Overconfident.
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Diligence
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Pride
Biggest Vulnerability: People he can stalk easily.  
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimistic
Introvert or extrovert: Extroverted
Greatest Fear: The possibility of failing the gods.
Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: Having no one good enough to stalk.
Emotional/psychological/social peculiarities: He isn’t interested in love but enjoys stalking people of both genders.
Biggest regret: Not being able to show his master how far he has come.
Other regrets: Nothing Major
Biggest accomplishment: Becoming a Priest of Nox.
Minor accomplishments: Creating the fighting style “Faust und Gewehr”
Musical talents/instruments: He never learned how to play any instrument.
Character's darkest/deepest secret: He stalked a Bishop before.
Minor Secrets: He was caught stalking the Bishop.



• Nox
• Stalking
• Fighting
• The gods


• People who don’t follow the gods
• Disloyalty

Favorite ---

Color: Blue
Clothing: Nox Uniform
Place: Nox HQ
Room in the house and why: Chapel, it is where he can speak to the gods.
Food/drinks: Grape Juice, Grape Soda, pretty much anything with grape.
Music genre: Orchestra
Songs and Singers/Bands: Clint Mansell
Movies/TV Shows/Performances: The Office
Actors/Performers: Steve Carell
Books: The Hollows series by Kim Harrison
Historical figure: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Subject in school: Geography
Animal: Shark

Least Favorite ---

Clothing: Hat
Place: Basement
Food: Orange Juice or anything with orange.
Music genre: Dubstep
Subject in school: History

Simple Pleasures: Stalking people.
Greater Pleasures: Killing GOH participants.
Where does this character like to hang out?: Nox HQ
Where is this character's dream place to live?: Heavenly Realm (though he knows it is not his place)
Motto/Personal quote: “If you can’t kill ‘em, stalk ‘um.”
Mode of transportation: Car
Most prized possession: His Omega earrings.
Why?: The omega symbol is the symbol of Nox.

Emotional Characteristics

Describe character's sense of morals: He has little value for human life and will kill without a second thought. He would even kill an underling who he deems unworthy or hesitant.
What do they consider taboo: Defacing the gods
Describe character's etiquette: He is completely polite to his superiors and the gods but treats others in any way he feels like. He feels no obligation to treat anyone not his superior or a god with any sort of respect.
Describe character's sense of self-control: He has very little self-control and will more often than not express what he is feeling.
Spontaneous or structured?: He tends to be more spontaneous but can be structured when he needs to be.
Instinctual or logical?: Instinctual
How does this character act in public?: He is his extravagant, stalker, self. He is very open, but not caring.
How does this character act in privacy?: Because there is no one around he is usually more quiet, at least when not praising the gods, and he just trains.
How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?: He doesn’t really consider many people “friends”, though to keep up appearances he will pretend to be courteous to strangers.
How does this character act around family?: --NA--
How has this character most changed from youth?: Huge personality switch to one completely obsessed with Nox and the gods. He has also developed a need to stalk people.
How have they remained the same?: Almost nothing.
Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?: Yes
If so, who?: Both Parents.
How has it affected them?: He stopped caring long ago, though it may have something to do with his personality switch.
How does this character deal with or react to --

Conflict/Danger: With a laugh and a charge.
Rejection: He will just try again.
Fear: Unknown, he has yet to find anything he truly fears.
Change: After a bit of pouting he will reluctantly adapt.
Loss: If it is a subordinate or person he won’t really care. If he loses a battle he will be angered and frustrated.
Sex/Flirting: Repulsion
Pain: Either anger or endurance.
Stress: He attempts to concentrate on his task but every so often there will be a hint of repulsiveness.
Peer pressure: Threatening them.
Guilt: None
Being wrong: Quick to change sides.
Being criticized: He can take criticism but will almost never correct himself because of it. That is, unless it is from a superior.
Being insulted: He will kill them unless they are a superior.
Offending others: He will not care. He does not think about other people’s feelings and just does whatever he wants.
Praise: He lives to be praised by his superiors. He will gracefully accept praise from others but will actually not care.
Being loved: Indifference
Being hated: Indifference
Humiliation: Threats to those that laugh and death to those who don’t stop.

How does this character express ---

Anger: He can be childlike when he gets mad.
Sadness: It is rare enough for him to be sad and even rarer for him to shed any tears. He will simply have a sad look on his face with slightly less extravagant, maybe even droopy, movements.
Fear: Unknown, he has yet to find something he truly fears.
Happiness/Excitement: His normal self. His arms will be franticly moving with his words and he will have a huge smile as he talks. He especially talks a lot here.
Love: While he doesn’t actually love anyone, his form of love is stalking.
Lust: Once again, he stalks people. Especially strong and good looking people. Both genders.
Stress/anxiety: He lets out his stress by destroying stuff.
Dislike: If he doesn’t like something, he will generally destroy/kill it.
Approval: If it is an item, he will want to keep it, if it is a person he will stalk him/her. If it is a superior he will admire him/her, and maybe want to stalk them.

How does this character generally express themselves?: Extravagantly and with a lot of arm movement. He also tends to be very dramatic.
What does this character think/feel about ---

Marriage: Unnecessary
Children: Obedient Children: Refreshing, Other Children: Annoying
Family/Family Values: Nox Organization comes first.
Children/Youth: Empty canvases to influence.
Old age: Hindrance
Sex: Only necessary for having offspring.
Love: Doesn’t need it. His firm of “love” (if you can call it that) is stalking people.
Friendship/Other relationships: Required for affective teamwork. Only for those on equal terms.
Homosexuality: Doesn’t care either way.
The opposite sex: Same as men.
The same sex: Same as women.
Money/Material things: Necessary for running Nox.
Politics: Important for Nox.
Religion: Everyone should join Nox.
Destiny/Duty: Obediently follow your superiors.
Magic/Myth: All is because of the gods’ power.
Racism/Races in general: Feels no more or less for one race than another.
Science/Technology: Important
Nature/Animals: Creatures below himself.
Modernity: Now is the time to make the future.
Antiquity: Nice for aesthetics.
Their past: The only important thing was Master Gorrou and his training.
Their future: Very bright, for he will eliminate GOH and become a Bishop.
Project GOH: It needs to be eliminated.
Drugs and alcohol: Disgusting
Killing/Murder: Go for it. That doesn’t mean he won’t kill you.
Education: Required to move on.
The foreign/unknown: Something to be found.

How does the character view life?: It is a gift from the gods, so it must be used for them.
How does the character view death?: The end. It is only for enemies and hindrances.
How does the character view society?: They need to be shown the way of Nox.
How does the character imagine his/her own death?: From old age or not at all.
What does the character want out of life?: Become a Bishop and destroy GOH.
What does this character consider "success" to be?: Getting whatever you want.
What would the character like to change in his/her life?: Be promoted.
What motivates this character?: Himself
Why?: He is pretty self-centered and just does what he wants.
What discourages this character?: Failure
Why?: It means he couldn’t serve the gods.
What makes this character happy?: Stalking people.
Why?: It is just something he enjoys (For one weird reason or another)
What makes this character sad?: Death of a superior.
Why?: He admires them.
What makes this character angry?: Being asked what makes him angry.
Why?: It is an annoying question.
What humiliates this character?: Making a mistake.
What most describes this character's personality?: Eccentric with a strange need to stalk anyone he finds that are strong.
Psychoanalysis: His mind is an enigma. Though the reason he is so dedicated to the gods is because he was saved by a Priest of Nox that he believes was sent by the gods (Which may or may not be true).
Does it stem from childhood or an event, or chemical?: It could have started form a childhood event but with some chemical mixed in.

Relationships with Others (Non-Married)

Relationship Skills: He is bad at making relationships with other people.
Loves: None
Lusts: None
Crushes: None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend(s): None
Other lover(s): None
Marital status: Single
First crush: None
Did it last?: --NA--
Why or why not?: --NA--
Best Friends: None
Friends: Only fellow Priests in Nox.
Confident/Mentor: Priest Gorrou
Hates: GOH Judges
Dislikes: Weaklings
Rivals: He sees none as a true rival for him. At least, not yet anyway.
Pets: None
What kind of person would s/he consider to be the perfect partner?: None
Is the character judgmental of others and how so?: He is very judgmental and can be very picky of who he associates with on the level of friends.

How is s/he perceived by ---

Strangers: When out in public he acts professional so they most often see him as a well-kept professional.
Friends: Egotistical, Cruel, Control Freak, Wierdo-Stalker, though can take the initiative in battle.
Colleagues: Egotistical, Cruel, Control Freak, Wierdo-Stalker, though can take the initiative in battle.
Lovers: --NA-- People he stalks find him weird like anyone being stalked would be.

Describe their sense of trust: He does not trust anyone weaker than him.
What type of individuals does s/he like or associate with?: Strong people. People of Nox.
What type of individuals doesn't s/he like or associate with?: Annoying weaklings. People of GOH.
How do they treat members of the opposite sex?: There is no difference between male and female.
How do they treat members of the same sex?: There is no difference between male and female.
What do family/friends like most about character?: Most people don’t really like him…
What do family/friends like least about character?: Doesn’t value other people’s lives.

Romantic Life

What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date?: Anywhere with Valen stalking the other, whether the other person knows it or not or is being forced to pretend they don’t by Valen.
What did they do on their first date?: --NA--
How does a normal date go for this character?: --NA--
How would they like to propose or be proposed to?: Not at all
Does this character have self control around individuals of their romantic interest?: No romantic interest. Though he has close to no self-control when it comes to stalking.
Describe: He will compulsively stalk anyone he finds strong and/or good looking people. Occasionally drooling when he finds someone really strong. It is unknown exactly why he does this.
Turn-ons: Strong people. Good looking people.
Turn-offs: Weaklings.
Dominant or Submissive?: --NA--

Family (that raised them)

Immediate family members and their ages: Adam Rhodes (Deceased), Julia Rhodes (Deceased)
Ethnicity of the mother: Unknown
Ethnicity of the father: Unknown
Birth order: Valen
Extended family: none
Any important/infamous/famous ancestors, and if so, who?: Unknown
Describe their ancestral history, if anything of particular note: Unknown
Birthparent(s): Adam and Julia Rhodes
Are they still alive?: No
Did they raise this character?: Until age 4
If not, why not, and/or what happened?: They both died in a fire.
At what age was the character when this happened?: Age 4
What did they do for a living?: Unknown
How did each parent treat the character, growing up?: He does not remember much but he has faint memories of them being kind.
How does each parent treat the character now?: --NA--
What does each parent think of the character?: --NA--
How did the character treat each of their parents growing up?: He was too young to be truly aware of that.
How does the character treat each of their parents now?: --NA--
Caretaker(s): Priest Gorrou
What is their relationship to the character?: Master – Student relationship.
Are they still alive?: No
At what age did the caretakers begin to raise this character?: Age 4
Did the caretakers know the birth parents and if so, how was their relationship?: No
Did the character know the birth parents?: No
Siblings (if any): None
Are they still alive, if not who died and when?: --NA--
Describe how each one treats this character: --NA--
Describe how this character treats each one of his siblings: --NA--
Does this character still keep in contact with their siblings?: --NA--
How has this character's relationship changed with their siblings since childhood?: --NA--
How did s/he get along with the family as a whole?: Before the fire he got along with his parents very well.
How did s/he get along with the siblings, if any?: --NA--
Describe their family life/dynamic, growing up: He remembers close to nothing about his birthparents. Growing up with his master was much training. Though Priest Gorrou seemed to care for Valen.
Describe their family life/dynamic now: None, Priest Gorrou is dead.
Favorite parent: Priest Gorrou
Why?: Master Priest saved him and taught him how to fight. He also brought him into Nox Organization.

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Nox
Does the character believe in a god or goddess?: Yes
What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: Whatever Nox believes or follows.
Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character's life?: Yes
If so, what role does it play?: The religion of Nox is part of his daily life and is very important to him.
Superstitions: None
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Astrological Zodiac: Aquarius
Element: Wood

What If

If this character were an animal, what would they be?: Cobra
Why?: While he tries to make himself look bigger, he is still deadly.
If this character were the opposite sex what would they ---

Do?: He would act the same.
Say?: He would most likely speak the same.
Feel?: I doubt he would feel any different as a girl, especially considering he is asexual.

If this character were to be characterized by an object, what would it be?: Bouncy Ball
Why?: Get him started and he will go off the walls.
What would this character do if confronted with someone identical in personality?: At first they would probably get along. They would most likely be friendly until they started to stalk each other which would make Valen mad because he can’t stalk the other.
What would happen if this character became physically handicapped, and how would that change them?: He would through a tantrum until he figured out a way to be of use to Nox again.
What would/does this character do if spontaneously placed in a whole new and unfamiliar environment/country/planet/etc?: He would excitedly explore the area.


What song best fits this character?: Granite by Pendulum
If you could compare this character to an existing character, who would s/he be and why?: If I had to choose a character I would say Sang Man-Duk the Bishop mostly because of their eccentric dedication to Nox. Maybe a bit of Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario Vampire for the stalking.
If you could choose an actor for this character, who would it be?: I think Johnny Depp could portray my character but I am not sure about appearance.
If you could choose a voice actor for this character, who would it be?: I do not know.
Who/what was your character inspired by?: No one in particular. I just wanted to make a dedicated Priest of Nox.

Vital Statistics

Name: Valen Rhodes
Physical Level: 6
H.P: 567
G.P: 54
Fighting Style: Faust und Gewehr (German: Fist and Gun)


• Lack of Fear
• Weapon: Dreyse Needle Gun (Mastered)
• Pain Tolerance
• Acting
• Disguise
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PostSubject: Re: Valen Rhodes   Valen Rhodes EmptySun Feb 08, 2015 11:31 pm

Valen Rhodes 35i3fkj

I must thoroughly apologize for such an immense wait. This character is officially approved, and their stalking excursions may begin. Please don't be mean to the Level 2's.

Side note: I notice this character would get along well with our Judge Q, if it weren't for the stalking people, and the being part of an evil faction of religious zealots. XD

You have 567 HP and 54 GP. Same GP base on both characters... Huh.


If you are reading this, then I welcome you to Project God of Highschool. Please enjoy your stay on this, our most humble of Roleplays.
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