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 Dantea (Key App)

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Basic Statistics

Name: Dantea (Redgrave?)
Nickname: Dark Knight, 'Nephilim' (Self-given)
Meaning of name: Dantea \d(a)-ntea, dan-tea\ as a girl's name is pronounced don-TAY-uh. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Dantea is "lasting, enduring". Feminine form of Dante. The Anglo-Saxon name Redgrave comes from when the family resided at Redgrave, a village in the county of Suffolk. Redgrave is a topographic surname, which was given to a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill, stream, church, or type of tree. In this case the place-name was originally derived from the Old English terms red meaning reed and graf meaning ditch or grove. Therefore the original bearer of the surname Redgrave lived in an area that was near a reedy grove or ditch.
Origin of name: Dantea is latin, while Redgrave is Anglo-Saxon
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Blood type: B-
Nationality: American (United States)
Ethnicity: White American
Race: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Current status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Police/Criminal/Legal record: Extensive
Socioeconomic level as a child: High Upper Class
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Low Middle Class
Birth date: 5/13
Birth place: New York, NY
Current residence: Los Angelas, CA
Occupation: GOH Participant
Title/Rank: (Key?)
Hobbies/Pastimes: Taking down criminals and gangs, collecting special national treasures.

Past History

Hometown: New York, NY
First Memory: Running around and playing with her twin brother, sword fighting with him using wooden weapons.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: Her parents' deaths.
Why/How?: Her parents were killed by a large criminal organization who decided that they were more trouble than they were worth. The mansion that she lived in with her parents was attacked, and she was traumatized heavily by this event, and it's why she targets and attacks criminals even today. She also escaped and was presumed dead, and since she didn't have very good legal representation, she lost all of the money her parents would have left her in their will.
Other memories/events that still affects him/her and why/how: Her second most important memory from her childhood was, for some reason, her father telling her that one day she would have to protect people. More than just her family or her loved ones, she would have to protect even the most random of strangers. He said that this was because it was in her blood, and thus in her nature, to want to protect all of those around her. This still effects her today as the second driving factor for her need to eliminate criminals and corrupt people.
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: The main failure that she would be embarrassed for people to know about would be the time that she was nearly raped by a homeless man at the age of 13. She was training and learning how to fight at the time, and when she attacked the man while he was in the middle of mugging some guy, the hobo turned on her and whipped her across the face with the handle of his knife. By the time she had regained her senses, he had managed to get her pants off and her panties halfway down her legs, but she swiftly covered herself with her hands and kneed the guy in the temple viciously. She pulled her panties back up and proceeded to kick the guy's ass, but that was the most embarrassing event that she can remember. For obvious reasons.
Biggest role model: Batman
Why?: Well, batman hardly counts. She doesn't really have any role models, but the closest thing would be batman because she can relate to his story, somewhat. Her parents were killed, and from there she tried to learn how to fight so she could be, well, a vigilante. The mane difference would be that she actually lost all of her money, and she learned how to use weapons, including guns.
Biggest disillusions from childhood: Her biggest disillusion from childhood was that innocence in general was all just a lie. Growing up from the age of 8 years old on the streets taught her fairly quickly that there was no such thing as true innocence, except for in the ignorant and the deceived.
History: In reality, the reason that her father told her that she would need to protect people was because he came from a long line of criminals called 'demons', who all worked most of their lives to do nothing but harm to those around them, but one day her mother, an 'angel', those who fought against the demons, found him and showed him what true love was. From that point on, the father realized that what he had done his whole life had been wrong, and decided to leave the nasty business along with Dantea's mother in order to escape the violence, hate, and corruption. This is where the reason for the attack on Dantea's family lies. The 'demons' caught up with Sparda, Dantea's father, and decided to kill his wife and imprison him. Dantea thought her father was killed in the attack, but in reality Sparda was captured and imprisoned in the 'demon' prison called limbo. Growing up mostly alone, since her brother Vergil and she were separated, Dantea fell into poverty for a good amount of time. From the ages of 8 to 14, she actually lived on the street, on her own. She learned on the streets how to fight, and over time her intense desire to find out why her parents were killed drove her to train like crazy until she was the strongest fighter that she thought she could be. When she was 15, she finally traced down her family's attackers to find out what had happened, and dressed in a red trench coat she began her assault on the 'demons'. At this point in her life, she had acquired the demonic blade 'rebellion', which is an indestructible sword whose blade is so strong and damaging that it can even cut through actual demon hide. She took on five thugs, eliminating them fairly quickly but not without difficulty, but decided at that point that it was too soon to take the rest of the organization on. Though it killed her inside to do so, she decided to be patient for the first time in her life, retreating to perfect her fighting style/technique and collect the rest of her 'nephilim's treasures', which were just national treasures she had selected to be part of her own personal fighting style after reading up on them for a while.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6'' (168 cm.)
Weight: 127.131768 Pounds (57.666 kg.)
Posture: Standing still; Hips cocked out to the side, usually with one arm resting on the part sticking out, shoulders straightened and head up. When walking around, this is the same, except for her hips, which rather than being cocked out are usually swaying quite a bit with her walk.
Build: Slight hourglass, deceptively small frame for her strength.
Skin: White, slightly darkened but not enough to quite call a 'tan'. Creamy.
Hair: Messy, black hair (with a small white patch in the back-right quadrant from 'stress'). Despite her hair's messy, straw-like appearance, when felt it is downy soft and very hydrated.
Widow's peak?: No
Ears: Normal-sized and pointed, usually covered/hidden by her hair.
Eyes: Dantea's eyes are dangerous and determined-looking, and are grey. The right eye is darker grey than the left.
Nose: Long, thin, with a downwards tilt to it. Rounded off at the tip, with small nostrils.
Mouth: Small, with puffy lips, usually drawn into a confident smirk or a happy smile.
Face shape: Her face is like a rounded, inverted triangle. Very streamlined and elegant.
Expressions: The most common expression on Dantea's face is one of cool, calm confidence. Her eyes are sharp and focused, and her lips are turned up into a slight cock-sure smirk. This is done almost all of the time, unless there is something particularly mood-altering, in which case she can (contrary to popular belief) have different expressions. Her second most common expression is her smile, which is still quite cocky and self-assured. When smiling, however, if she is actually happy, her eyes soften up and her gaze becomes much less intense. In face, she often has her eyes closed when she is happy. The third most common expression to cross Dantea's face, unfortunately for many criminals, is her angry face. This only happens when she is truly furious about something, which sadly happens enough to make this her third most common facial expression. When angry, her eyebrows furrow slightly, and her smirk flattens out into a completely emotionless line on her face, cold and business-like. This is always accompanied by one of her weapons, usually at the ready.
Describe their smile: Dantea's smile is shockingly soft and warming, and usually catches people quite off-guard. Her smile, strangely enough, seems to have a calming effect on literally all but the strangest or most angry/depressed of people. Not to the point of pacifying them if they are fighting, but enough to make them more lax about the situation. This is only the case when Dantea is truly happy.
Hands: Strong, yet smooth.
Feet: Actually a bit dainty and small, but sturdier than they look.
Tattoos/Scars?: None.
Glasses/Contacts? None.
Left/Right handed? Ambidextrous.
Distinguishing features: Her trade-mark red trench coat. If it weren't for this one feature, she could work in the CIA with how un-remarkable she looks. (Excepting, of course, dat body).
Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: Father, but only just barely. She more so displays traits from both, almost exactly equally.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Dangerous, shabby, with a slight air of elegance. Like slightly wilted nightshade.
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Dantea's trademark outfit is bra-less with a leather band tying her breasts down and covering the nipples. On top of this, she wears a tight-fitting red leather trench coat, which despite her wild and sharp movements never seems to tear at the seams. With this, she also wears a pair of black leather fingerless gloves, which have metal studs on them to protect her knuckles and make her punches a bit more nasty. For pants, she commonly wears a simple pair of brown trousers, which fit fairly loosely around her hips, but are still kept up well enough for her to not get pants-d mid combat, unless the opponent actually tried to do so outright. Finally, for footwear, she wears a soft pair of white socks, with moleskin patches on the heels and other points of contact, in order to prevent blistering, and are wrapped firmly in ace bandages to prevent skin and bone breakage. Over this, she wears a pair of black steel-toed hard leather combat boots.
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: Actually, that's pretty much it. She has a few other designs of the same coat, one of which is black and the most notable difference. She doesn't change her clothes a lot. Also, anyone raiding her wardrobe will be either pleased or confused to find that she has a desperate lack of underwear in her dresser. She only has a couple pairs, and she's usually wearing one of them. Usually.
Jewelry: A silver necklace with a large red gemstone in it, presumably ruby.
Other accessories: N/A
Weapons: Her pistols, Ebony and Ivory, and her sword Rebellion. Her pistols and sword are national treasures, Ebony and Ivory having infinite clips and a mini-gun like rate of fire, and Rebellion.
Health: Never been sick; immune system makes her nearly impossible to make sick, even with direct exposure to contagions.
Hygiene: For her health, she cleans herself surprisingly rarely. She showers maybe once every couple of days, if she feels she needs to. Otherwise she lets her natural smell, combined with Axe (and sometimes even perfume) prevail. Interestingly enough, even when she's dirty and hasn't showered for almost a week, she doesn't smell all that bad, and she almost smells dirty in a good way, if that's possible. After a couple of weeks, though, like anyone else she smells quite like sin itself.
Physical Flaws: Dantea has a birthmark of an angelic sword on her back, doing down her spine with wings that branch out across her shoulder blades. She also has slightly pointed ears.
Physical Qualities: Dantea is deceptively strong, and fittingly quick. Her muscle, underneath the skin, is almost a solid sheet, due to her intensive training, and has an abundance of quick-reflex muscle, allowing her to be quite fast on her feet.


Are they generally balanced or clumsy?: Dantea rarely loses her balance, so balanced.
Mannerisms/Poses/Movement: Dantea tends to hold herself in a bit of a sexy manner. She's either confident with her poses and movements, sexy/flirty with them, or both at the same time (usually the latter). She puts a lot of emphasis on showing off her hips, swaying them to an unneeded degree when walking, and popping them out to the side when standing still.
Describe their walk: Dantea almost does a catwalk when she moves about, stepping purpsefuly one foot in front of the other, her hips swaying seductively back and forth as she does so. Her arms are usually left to hang down by her sides when she is walking about, unless she has a weapon drawn. This style of walking makes her seem nigh absurdly graceful, considering how well balanced she is at all times.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: When she has Ebony and Ivory in her hands and isn't doing anything with them, she has a habit of waving them around, checking the chambers and obsessively cleaning them. Otherwise, she has a habit of cracking her knuckles and other joints when she's just talking or walking around, which contrasts sharply with her generally graceful movements in a rather odd way.
Speech Patterns: In speech, Dantea has a rather odd, but noticeable habit of throwing in statements about 'humans', as though she weren't one. She also curses and uses much more vulgarity in her language than is necessary, but not to an overly disturbing level. She tends to make jokes out of anything and everything.
Unique phrases/words: Nothing unique. She has no catchphrases at the moment, but may develop a few in the future.
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent?: They are very vulgar/lewd, meaning they curse quite a bit. However, she limits herself in front of children, most of the time, and in very formal situations. The extent is like the average guy when talking to other guys, and when he has about half again as much testosterone as the average male. Which is to say, she curses a lot, but not to the degree of needing to wear a ball gag around.
Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): "... So... Yeah, and uh... Put some pepperoni on it I guess... Oh, and sausage too. Extra cheese would be nice, and make sure to wreck that bitch with bacon... White sauce and banana peppers... Some more pepperoni, cuz why not.. Do you do stuffed crust?" She decided to order pizza because this shit was getting to serious.
Voice: Female Shepard (Just search for commander shepard (female) voice clips on here: )
Describe their laugh: Dantea has an overly girly giggle, rather than an actual laugh. It is one of her most embarrassing features, and she often tries not to laugh because of it.
Describe their sleep patterns: Dantea is a very heavy and mobile sleeper. She rolls around alot, and it is very common to see her wearing very little in the morning, and in very compromising, unladylike positions while she sleeps. This is because she has difficulty getting comfortable, and only these 'unladylike' positions seem to do the trick (so she often sleeps alone, or with many blankets, even though she could care less if people saw her like that.)
Describe their dwelling/house: Dantea lives near a pier in a small trailer that she owns all to herself. It's extremely cheap shelter, and she has a few space heaters to keep the place warm. In the summer, she just goes out and swims to keep cool. The place is usually extremely cluttered, with old pizza boxes scattered around and dirty clothes (yes, including underwear) tossed carelessly about.
Describe their bedroom: Filthy, messed-up, and pretty much her entire home. Due to her trailer being fairly small, her room is pretty much the entire thing, with a small bathroom off to the side and a kitchenette, whose fridge and microwave are the only appliances that see use.
Describe their daily rituals: Every morning Dantea wakes up, gets dressed in a decent looking set of clothes that she picks off the floor (sometimes even after taking a shower), puts on some perfume and heads out to train and get some freelance work done around the city, so she can afford to feed herself. She likes to go to nightclubs and party, and if she ever feels like it and has the money she can be found at strip joints. In almost all of her free time that isn't spent partying or eating, she is training in her special fighting style, "The Nephilim's 15". She also likes to pick fights with criminals and thieves, and sometimes even random tough guys. She's equally as likely to flirt with anyone who isn't a bad guy though, male or female.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence Level: (IQ)
Known Languages:
Character's long-term goals/desires in life:
Character's short-term goals/desires in life:
Secret desires:  
How self-confident is the character?:
How do they see him/herself?:
How do they believe s/he is perceived by others?:
What is the character most proud of?:
What does the character like least about themselves?:
How do they express themselves?:
Is this character generally dominant or submissive?:
Patience level:
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?:
Most at ease when: (Most comfortable situation for them)
Ill at ease when: (Least comfortable situation for them)
Describe their sense of humor: (A joke they'd laugh at)
If granted one wish, what would it be?:
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: (Charistmatic? Good Sportsman? Smart? Outgoing?)
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: (Awkward? Sore Loser? Dumb? Introverted?)
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?:
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?:
Biggest Vulnerability: (Non-physical)
Optimist or Pessimist:
Introvert or extrovert:
Greatest Fear:
Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias:  
Emotional/psychological/social peculiarities:
Biggest regret:
Other regrets:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishments:
Musical talents/instruments: You may have one. ONE!
Character's darkest/deepest secret:
Minor Secrets:



  • At
  • Least
  • Three


  • At
  • Least
  • Three

Favorite ---

  • Color:
  • Clothing:
  • Place:
  • Room in the house and why:
  • Food/drinks:
  • Music genre:
  • Songs and Singers/Bands:
  • Movies/TV Shows/Performances:
  • Actors/Performers:
  • Books:
  • Historical figure:
  • Subject in school:
  • Animal:

Least Favorite ---

  • Clothing:
  • Place:
  • Food:
  • Music genre:
  • Subject in school:

Simple Pleasures:
Greater Pleasures:
Where does this character like to hang out?:
Where is this character's dream place to live?:
Motto/Personal quote:
Mode of transportation: (Preferred means of getting around)
Most prized possession:

Emotional Characteristics

Describe character's sense of morals:
What do they consider taboo: (Something they personally would never do)
Describe character's etiquette:
Describe character's sense of self-control:
Spontaneous or structured?:
Instinctual or logical?:
How does this character act in public?:
How does this character act in privacy?:
How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?:
How does this character act around family?:
How has this character most changed from youth?:
How have they remained the same?:
Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?:
If so, who?:
How has it affected them?:
How does this character deal with or react to --

  • Conflict/Danger:
  • Rejection:
  • Fear:
  • Change:
  • Loss:
  • Sex/Flirting:
  • Pain:
  • Stress:
  • Peer pressure:
  • Guilt:
  • Being wrong:
  • Being criticized:
  • Being insulted: (superficially: name calling, etc)
  • Offending others:
  • Praise:
  • Being loved:
  • Being hated:
  • Humiliation:

How does this character express ---

  • Anger:
  • Sadness:
  • Fear:
  • Happiness/Excitement:
  • Love: (Consider the "Five Languages of Love")
  • Lust:
  • Stress/anxiety:
  • Dislike: (Of a person, thing, or idea)
  • Approval: (Of a person, thing, or idea)

How does this character generally express themselves?:
What does this character think/feel about ---

  • Marriage:
  • Children:
  • Family/Family Values:
  • Children/Youth:
  • Old age:
  • Sex:
  • Love:
  • Friendship/Other relationships:
  • Homosexuality:
  • The opposite sex:
  • The same sex:
  • Money/Material things:
  • Politics:
  • Religion:
  • Destiny/Duty:
  • Magic/Myth:
  • Racism/Races in general:
  • Science/Technology:
  • Nature/Animals:
  • Modernity:
  • Antiquity:
  • Their past:
  • Their future:
  • Project GOH:
  • Drugs and alcohol:
  • Killing/Murder:
  • Education:
  • The foreign/unknown:

How does the character view life?:
How does the character view death?:
How does the character view society?:
How does the character imagine his/her own death?:
What does the character want out of life?
What does this character consider "success" to be?:
What would  the character like to change in his/her life?:
What motivates this character?:
What discourages this character?:
What makes this character happy?:
What makes this character sad?:
What makes this character angry?:
What humiliates this character?:
What most describes this character's personality?:
Psychoanalysis: (Describe why they act the way they do)
Does it stem from childhood or an event, or chemical?:

Relationships with Others (Non-Married)

Relationship Skills:
Loves:(non sexual)
Other lover(s):
Marital status:
First crush:
Did it last?:
Why or why not?:
Best Friends:
What kind of person would s/he consider to be the perfect partner?:
Is the character judgmental of others and how so?:

How is s/he perceived by ---

  • Strangers:
  • Friends:
  • Colleagues:
  • Lovers:

Describe their sense of trust:
What type of individuals does s/he like or associate with?:
What type of individuals doesn't s/he like or associate with?:
How do they treat members of the opposite sex?:
How do they treat members of the same sex?:
What do family/friends like most about character?:
What do family/friends like least about character?:

Romantic Life

What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date?:
What did they do on their first date?: (If any)
How does a normal date go for this character?:
How would they like to propose or be proposed to?:
Does this character have self control around individuals of their romantic interest? Describe:
Dominant or Submissive?:

Family (that raised them)

Immediate family members and their ages: (Names and Ages)
Ethnicity of the mother:
Ethnicity of the father:
Birth order: (Of character and siblings)
Extended family:
Any important/infamous/famous ancestors, and if so, who?:
Describe their ancestral history, if anything of particular note:
Are they still alive?:
Did they raise this character?:
If not, why not, and/or what happened?:
At what age was the character when this happened?:
What did they do for a living?
How did each parent treat the character, growing up?:
How does each parent treat the character now?:
What does each parent think of the character?:
How did the character treat each of their parents growing up?:
How does the character treat each of their parents now?
Caretaker(s): (If someone other than birthparents)
What is their relationship to the character?:
Are they still alive?:
At what age did the caretakers begin to raise this character?:
Did the caretakers know the birth parents and if so, how was their relationship?:
Did the character know the birth parents?:
Siblings (if any):
Are they still alive, if not who died and when?:
Describe how each one treats this character:
Describe how this character treats each one of his siblings:
Does this character still keep in contact with their siblings?:
How has this character's relationship changed with their siblings since childhood?:
How did s/he get along with the family as a whole?:
How did s/he get along with the siblings, if any?:
Describe their family life/dynamic, growing up:
Describe their family life/dynamic now:
Favorite parent:

Spiritual Characteristics

Does the character believe in a god or goddess?:
What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: (Zen? Yin-Yang? Peace with nature?)
Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character's life?
If so, what role does it play?:
Chinese Zodiac:
Astrological Zodiac:

What If

If this character were an animal, what would they be?:
If this character were the opposite sex what would they ---

  • Do?:
  • Say?:
  • Feel?:

If this character were to be characterized by an object, what would it be?:
What would this character do if confronted with someone identical in personality?:
What would happen if this character became physically handicapped, and how would that change them?:
What would/does this character do if spontaneously placed in a whole new and unfamiliar environment/country/planet/etc?


What song best fits this character?:
If you could compare this character to an existing character, who would s/he be and why?:
If you could choose an actor for this character, who would it be?:
If you could choose a voice actor for this character, who would it be?:
Who/what was your character inspired by?:

Vital Statistics

Physical Level: 6
H.P: (Decided upon character approval)
G.P: (Decided upon character approval)
Fighting Style: (The name of your Martial Art.)

Skills: This character starts with 6 skills created custom or selected from the list of example skills from the Skills Rules and Examples thread in the Rules and Templates section.
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