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 Porter Blackwood

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Porter Blackwood Qobrt5

Name: Porter Blackwood
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'3" (1.6 meters)
Weight: 140 lb (63.5 kg)
Current Residence: Ohio, United States of America

Attitude: He's a guy who really hates violence. A natural born pacifist, Porter only actually fights in the God of High School tournament for his one wish. Quite literally he refuses to fight outside of the ring. If he's forced to he will never show what he can really do. He's honest to a fault, refusing to do anything bad. This guy is what people think that shaolin monks are like according to movies. He's driven by something, and that is the only reason he raises his hand.

  • To Friends: Porter is the kind of guy who is a man's best friend. He is doggishly loyal, even going so far as to fight on their behalf if they can't make it to their match. A friend of his has nothing at all to fear about betrayal or anything similar to it. People may become jealous of the kind of friendship he likes to maintain. To get on this side of him is a bit of a process though. He usually doesn't associate with people of violent nature, however if he does, you can believe that they've got some stories to tell.
  • To Allies: Allies are actually kind of rare for Porter. He's a rather selectively social fellow, allies usually have to be forced upon him by someone with more say in the matter than he does. As such, he does not disrespect an ally. All people are worthwhile people, he is not above anyone, and he will never act like it, unless they prove to him that he is a superior person which usually earns them an enemy spot. Porter doesn't like to fight allies, and usually holds back a great deal to make sure he doesn't hurt an ally. These people are treated a lot like people who are new to him and in his house though, in the format of not much talking from his end. Porter is pretty sad at breaking the ice.
  • To Foes: A foe to Porter is just the person on the other side of the fighting ring. He does not treat them like a person in his mind, he treats them as a moving training dummy. Thinking that way is the only way he can bring himself to fight a person seriously in the God of High School Tournament. He could not do this to an ally or a friend for a very long period of time. A person who is a foe can receive the full brunt of what he can do, unlike allies and friends, who he couldn't fight seriously in most cases. This may become kind of offensive, as he doesn't speak when he fights, after all, what's the point of talking to the training dummy, right?
  • To Enemies: Enemies are people who are beneath him in standing as a human being. The people who were such complete jerks, it proved to him they aren't worth as much as a normal human being. For these people, he doesn't even need to think of them as training dummies, merely wastes of space. He'll talk to them, and boy will his words hurt, especially when paired with what he's doing to you. A terrible fate, truly.


  • His Beard
  • Situations Solved With Words, Not Fists
  • History Channel Documentaries


  • Violence
  • People who knock the beard
  • People who prove themselves as lesser human beings

Physical Level: 2
HP: 463
GP: 45
Fighting Style: Ueratius Pankration

Skills: Pain Tolerance: A person without this is susceptible to things that focus on causing them pain. Torture, submission holds, that kind of thing. A person with pain tolerance as a skill are able to ignore this kind of pain. That doesn't mean they don't feel pain, it means that they can ignore it.

Street Fighting* (Proficient): This can be taken as your Primary Martial art to begin with, but this Skill plays on different rules than Martial Arts. Street Fighting doesn't have any moves, these people focus on doing what they think is cool. Because of this, their attack abilities are rendered down to the common tactics of Tier 2 techniques. They cannot do anything that is particularly disciplined-looking. By Mastering Street Fighting, they may use Street Fighting in tandem with a Charyeok for the sake of doing cool looking things.


Porter's story begins in Chicago, where he was born into the most violent family in the Chicago Outfit, originally known as the Mob. His mother a manslayer, his father a professional wrestler turning to organized crime, his older sister a sexy assassin for the mob. Yeah, Porter was a little bit of an outcast. He hated the sight of blood, and general violence. He'd always watch annoyingly prissy movies, which pissed his family off to no end. So of course, he was forced to watch more manly movies, like Rush Hour, Enter the Dragon, Karate Kid, Bloodsport, Kill Bill, Unleashed, American Ninja, Enter the Matrix, and this one French one, District B13.

Needless to say, after seeing all of these movies, and still not showing any signs of interest, his family, who mind you just could not wrap their head around pacifism at all, would begin to pick on him. Needless to say, he got pretty good at fighting just from his abusive household. However, he would distract them from his pacifism through learning about a martial art he wanted to try out from the history channel. And oh boy... did his parents leap on the chance to get him to learn some good old fashioned violence.

Little did he know that his parents just so happened to know a grand champion of Underground Pankration, and he wound up learning too much violence within the first week for him to handle. This form of Pankration was almost too much for him to bear, Porter was appalled by it for the longest time. However, he was unable to leave the lessons as while he was there the master refused to let him leave early on request from his parents, and while he wasn't there, his parents were grinding his nose in the dirt rubbing the violence in his face.

Porter, for the most part was merely coping with the lessons in his free time, because not only was he seeing these devastating attacks being executed before him, he was forced to spar with his dojo mates. Of course, due to his bad luck and the master focusing on him a lot, the other students would believe him to be a sickening display of the teacher's pet. Porter was made to sink or swim in this martial art he chose. And he swam like a pro. His good genes for killing made him a very viable fighter, and he almost killed someone every match.

His only friend in that Pankration class was a girl, who was practically the bully-repellent of the class. However, she was something of a crazy person herself, obsessed with... well... we'll leave that subject alone. Let's leave it at she was his girlfriend, and nobody doubted it. Either way, she was his best friend and girlfriend, and they were probably the strongest pair of students the class had to offer.

Finally, after a few years of learning this brutal art, Porter found a hole in the defenses between his family and his master. However, it required that he make use of his girlfriend as a distraction. Breaking up with her was the hardest thing he'd ever done, and escaping the dojo was probably even harder. The girl's rampage was declared legendary, and it's said that the only student in that class left was her. Porter ran away from Chicago, and didn't stop running until he made it to the town of Cleveland, where he began to partake in the public schools there.

Due to the general rituals pertaining to the new kid amongst the students there, he found himself as the local tough kid. He would stand there looking at his hands... which were forged by the mafia to be killing weapons, no.... he was a weapon. From then on he got by with ease, nobody messed with him, he could be a pacifist like he wanted. He even has a nickname there, people call him the 'Porter the Rising Demon', typical as it may sound. Yet everyone acknowledges him as the strongest kid in Cleveland. His income source is unknown, but he lives in a quaint little studio apartment.

His Wish: "I wish I had a family who understood me and didn't judge me for being a pacifist. Give me a family that I can treat how I treat my friends."
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Porter Blackwood
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