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 Cher Martinez

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PostSubject: Cher Martinez    Cher Martinez  EmptyTue Feb 04, 2014 5:19 am

Cher Martinez  Cher_martinez___new_char_by_tehfrostyheart-d75kqss

Name: Cher Martinez
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: Feet/Inches (Metric) please
Weight: Pounds (Kilos) please
Current Residence: France


Attitude: General disposition towards others as a whole, followed by the quirks they maintain no matter who is being dealt with.

  • To Friends: How they act differently around their friends. Include any extra quirks that develop.
  • To Allies: How they will act towards people who aren't necessarily their friends, but are at least not mistrusted.
  • To Foes: How they will act to general people opposing them.
  • To Enemies: How they will act to people who they don't like, and that don't like them.


  • At
  • Least
  • Three


  • At
  • Least
  • Three


Physical Level: 2 (Starts at 2)
HP: (Will be given to you upon approval)
GP: (Will be given to you upon approval)
Fighting Style: This will be the name of your fighting style when you register it.

Skills: Each character starts with 2 Skills, and may select from the list provided [url=link here]here[/url].


This may be as long or short as you want, minimum of a single 3 sentence paragraph. If you so wish, you may PM your history to Me, and delete this section entirely, so as to maintain a 'mysterious origins' kind of deal.
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Cher Martinez
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