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 Rick Raldo

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Raging Alcoholic

Raging Alcoholic

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PostSubject: Rick Raldo   Rick Raldo EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 7:29 am

Rick Raldo 282erzs

Name: Rick Raldo
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'7" (1.7m)
Weight: 168lb (76.2kg)
Current Residence: San Francisco, California, United States

Attitude: Overall, Rick is a very 'plays up his badassness' kind of guy. He likes to go to parties he's not invited to, drink their beer even though he's not allowed to, and all that kind of stuff. The kind of guy who would wear a vintage leather jacket to school, to look cool. He's got just about every bad habit that makes a guy look tough, including smoking, drinking, and getting into brawls.

  • To Friends: Around friends, his attitude is a bit more bright than it is around the nerds and punks he gives wedgies. He has a somewhat softer side to him, and he doesn't like it. However, he's a nice guy if you get to know him, getting past the absurdly, and nigh-unforgivably rough exterior. As a note, though, he's strangely excitable by friends.
  • To Allies: An ally is something of a crony to him. As a class A bully, he's known to have quite a following of allies. Of course, he uses his allies at just about any opportunity to show how much control he has over a situation. Furthermore, he rarely goes from ally to friend, unless you are a dedicated crony who makes the right moves. As a note, he will attack an ally at the slightest sign of betrayal, the scale of which depends on the scale of the betrayal.
  • To Foes: A foe is just about anyone who isn't a friend or a crony. Nerds, other bullies, teachers, cops. Rick doesn't like them, and he is almost certain to interact with his foes. He likes to pick on them, using the very edge of what is acceptable to do to them, ranging from locking nerds in lockers, or eating donuts in front of a fat cop in an insulting or taunting manner. He's also prone to pissing off the people who could defend themselves and running away for fun, though he can hold his own in a fight if it comes down to it.
  • To Enemies: Enemies... the people who give him a hard time are generally on this list. Rick Raldo is a guy who likes to throw down at any chance he can think of with his enemies. He's an antagonist in that manner, and wishes for nothing more than a victory against them. Most often an enemy is someone who beats him in combat. Note how he has few enemies. Yeah.


  • Bullying Nerds
  • Taunting Cops
  • Getting Drunk/Partying


  • 'Stand-Up' Guys
  • The Generic Paladin Cop
  • Camel Brand Cigarettes

Physical Level: 2
HP: 468
GP: 31
Fighting Style: Capoiera

Street Fighting*: This can be taken as your Primary Martial art to begin with, but this Skill plays on different rules than Martial Arts. Street Fighting doesn't have any moves, these people focus on doing what they think is cool. Because of this, their attack abilities are rendered down to the common tactics of Tier 2 techniques. They cannot do anything that is particularly disciplined-looking. By Mastering Street Fighting, they may use Street Fighting in tandem with a Charyeok for the sake of doing cool looking things.

Combat Focus: In the middle of a war zone, there are certainly a lot of enemies that look threatening. A normal person will see this and not be able to decide on a target in particular, making it hard for them to go one on one with someone during a large-scale fight. A person with this skill, can pay attention to a selected opponent even when there's other enemies nearby they could attend to. Usually best done when you have backup.

Rick Raldo was born and raised in San Francisco, and has always been something of a bully. From his first visit to a park he was not a pleasant person to be around, taking other kids' toys and kicking their sand castles over. Rick's parents were busy business folk, and he was rarely paid much mind to due to their constant prattling on and on over the phones. Because of this he was never punished for being how he is, and pretty much got whatever he asked for, including Martial Arts lessons. So he's just the top bully in school, and will probably never amount to much more.
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PostSubject: Re: Rick Raldo   Rick Raldo EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 9:43 pm

Approved, with 468 HP, and 31 GP
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Rick Raldo
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