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 Classes Rules and Listing

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PostSubject: Classes Rules and Listing   Classes Rules and Listing EmptyMon Jan 27, 2014 6:11 pm

Well then, you have looked at this area, and are probably wondering what there is as far as classes go. In case you are wondering what a Class is, a Class is essentially what your character is and does. On the larger application you could fill in your Occupation with your Class. Essentially in order to be any class of a better tier than the basic GOH Participant, you will have to fill out the Super Detailed Character Template, and possibly even meet some other requirements. Of course, there are relatively few classes to choose amongst as GOH Participants make up the meat and potatoes of the site, and other classes are number locked, for the most part. The Classes that are currently able to be, are...

GOH Participant: The aforementioned 'meat and potatoes' of this site. Without people of this class the site will not be able to move along, no matter how many people of other classes there are. These are your average, everyday members of the tournament, each of which happens to be a very talented individual in an area of combat. Some Martial Artists, some Street Brawlers, all stronger than your average High Schooler for some reason. A GOH Participant starts with a pretty good sum of HP and a rather low sum of GP, as well as mastery over a martial art or expertise in street fighting. In order to become this, you may fill out the normal template, or the advanced template, either works, and you don't need to meet any other requirements.

Current GOH Participants:

Priest: Essentially the average character for the locations that have abstained from the God of Highschool tournament. They are the same in just about every way, except Priests are essentially all anti-God of Highschool. In fact, these are essentially the antagonists for the plot. Priests have the capacity to get as strong as a GOH Participant, however they can advance to a higher power level, as these people are more favored by the Gods, due to prayers. Thusly these people, starting with slightly less HP, can attain a Charyeok at Physical Level 4, if they choose not to be a Master of a Martial Art or Street Fighting at the beginning. Keep in mind though, you are very much a bad guy in your own right. Priests are sometimes sent to infiltrate the God of Highschool tournament, and aim to kill participants in the name of God.

Current Priests:

Mage: Mages are not necessary to the plot, but are optional nonetheless. They are, however limited to 3 at any given time. A mage is a practitioner of magic, and therefore has little physical capability at all. This comes at the benefit of useful magical abilities, being something of a living national treasure. In order to execute these abilities, the mage needs a wand, coming stock with their creation. A mage starts off with the Martial Art: Mage, and can make techniques for it themselves. They do not get to attain Mutu Clan mastery over this, any ability that goes beyond Rank 8 for their martial art will require the use of Charyeok (which must be Magician-themed) just like any ordinary participant. A Mage Starts out with a slightly heightened reserve of GP with a slightly lessened HP total. Their martial art makes use of GP to use it's magical moves, even without using Charyeok. A mage gains 4 additional GP each Physical Level. In order to start as a mage, you must fill out the normal template, and get the approval of two Staff Members, instead of the normal one.

Current Mages:

Judge: The plot will also rely upon a few Judges. A Judge is a person who organizes the Tournaments in their given area, and as such, plays a very large role. GOH Participants may not be made for an area without a Judge, and any characters designed for such an area are more likely to be a Priest. A judge is likely an adult, with astounding combat potential. They will start with a good sum of HP, 9999 GP, and begin at level ?? at all times. Each Judge starts off with Mastery over a Charyeok as if they had Streetfighting as a Mastered skill, allowing them to make full use of their Charyeok's powers to a degree rarely viewed in most GOH Participants. In order to start as a Judge, the player must fill out the Advanced Template, and is required to be a member of the trusted staff of this site. Judges have often given up their name in favor of their Judge Title, which is usually a letter of the English Alphabet; though this is optional. There can only ever be as many judges as there are Continents that haven't abstained from the tournament. (Currently 4)

Current Judges:

Bishop: A Bishop is essentially the bad guy equivalent of a Judge. As such they are equally as restricted. These guys start off with normal HP, 9999 GP, and when Scanned receive the Level ??, as well as mastery over a Charyeok as if they took mastery in Streetfighting. In order to be one of these, you must fill out the advanced Template, and be one of the trusted staff of the site. Bishops are limited in number to as many Continents as there are that have abstained from the God of Highschool Tournament. (Currently 2)

Current Bishops:

Key: There are tales of beings who once hoped to become Gods themselves. Rising to power or being created, they would aim to better themselves to attain the favor of the Gods and ascend. However, Gods who didn't like these individuals would play cruel tricks upon them, causing them to cause terrible things to happen for mankind. Sometimes they were attacked by the Gods and had to fight to survive. Whatever the case these beings were somehow force to commit sins against the Gods, and while they would obtain great powers in the process, they were sealed for the sake of maintaining the greater peace. Angry, these beings, betrayed by the Gods they aspired to become would look towards mortals, granting them their essence. A 'Key' is what these mortals are called. Very few exist in the world, countable on one hand, however, these people are granted with the most astounding of talent for the martial arts, as well as having access to powers that are very Similar to Charyeok.

In order to become a key, you must first ask for permission from a Staff Member. Upon approval, which is not guaranteed, you must fill out the Advanced Template. A Key starts off with the same statistics as a GOH Participant, along with a Mastery over a Martial Art as if they were from the Mutu Clan! They also start with a Key Form, registered as a Charyeok. This app for the Key Form, must describe the tale of the being that gave the Key their powers. Once all are approved, a Key is Born. There can only ever be 2 Keys at any given point in time, though the staff can make more happen either by making NPCs or offering the position to a member for plot reasons.

Current Keys:
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Classes Rules and Listing
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