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 Full Contact Karate

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Judge A

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PostSubject: Full Contact Karate   Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:26 am

Martial Art Name: Kyokushin Kaikan
Other Names: Full Contact Karate
Description: A style of Karate, that is not true Karate, but is an improved Korean variant, which is practiced with full contact. Thusly it is known as Full Contact Karate as a more popular name than its original of Kyokushin Kaikan. This style focuses on hard stances, a sturdy defenses, and strong offensive attacks. A master of Full Contact Karate aims to end a fight within a few moves.

Full Contact Karate is an exhausting style to use, dealing with an explosive output of damage with an equally explosive output of energy. Most often a Full Contact Karate master will need to give up on a fight if the opponent properly counters them. This isn't to say that everything they do is highly exhausting, but they do focus more on explosive starts, to finish a fight soon.

  • Punches
  • Flurry Attacks
  • Wind Manipulation

  • Kicks
  • Counters
  • Timing

History: In 1964, a style was developed by a Japanese-Korean Karate Master. This style was designed around the focuses of Self-Improvement and Rigorous Training. The style was made more specifically to counter more flashy styles of combat with explosive simplicity. This style was known as Kyokushin Kaikan, more popularly called Full Contact Karate.

Since its creation, an impressive time of only 40+ years, it has been taught to as many as 12 million people worldwide. However, no matter the number of users, only a few people know the true, undiluted style of Kyokushin Kaikan, which was developed as a means of Self Defense in times of War. People using the sport version can make their own Karate style, this style is the explosive original.

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Judge A

Posts : 44
Join date : 2013-08-06

PostSubject: Re: Full Contact Karate   Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:59 am

Canon Moves of Full Contact Karate

First Stance: Basaltic Fist - 5/i]
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Punch
Description: A really strong punch, which is designed to interrupt the foe's attack with a steel-crushing blow. It's so powerful that the user's fist appears to glow white.

Second Stance: Phoenix Kick - [i]8

Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Kick - Wind Manipulation
Description: A stomping kick, which causes an odd, snake-like carving in the ground. This carving shoots a heavy wind upwards, which will upset an opponent's stance very easily. If this lands on a leg at the wrong angle, this could dislocate the lower leg.

Third Stance: White Tiger's Dance - 6
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Flurry
Description: The user executes a rapid flurry of seeming random attacks in an all-out kata, which while guarded well at first with eventually crumple the opponent's defenses. Physical level of 3 higher will be able to retain defense through the entire flurry.

Fourth Stance: Blue Dragon's Storm - 10
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Wind Manipulation
Description: The first three stances are required to learn this technique. After using Basaltic Fist, Phoenix Kick, and White Tiger's Dance to set up the air flow, which was their true purpose, the user will take control of this air flow, and force the air into their foe, who if hit by each of the set up techniques will likely be unable to defend due to shattered offense, stance, and defensive. The air will shred the foe like a kamaitachi, leaving them bleeding, and destroying a cone of about 25 feet due to erosion and cutting winds.

Reverse Dragon Sign Hwechook: Elder Blue Dragon - 10
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Wind Manipulation - Counter
Description: By taking control of the wind currents generated by a technique similar to Dragon Sign Hwechook (see Renewal Taekwondo technique), the user of this technique executes a Blue Dragon's Storm without the need for the drawn out setup combo. Equally as devastating as the Blue Dragon's Storm, but very situational.

Brazilian Kick - 3
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Kick
Description: A kick which start by raising the leg high into the air, bent at the knee, allowing the user to attack at any of the 3 ranges of high, mid, or lower body. This allows for a kick which can trick the foe into guarding the wrong area.

High Kick - 4
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Kick - Timing
Description: A kick which aims to hit high, allowing the user to kick even towering opponent's in the neck area. However due to having to bypass an entire arm while also not being blocked lest being left open, this technique requires the most exquisite of timing in order to land on the foe for maximum effect.

Basaltic Uppercut - 8
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Punch - Wind Manipulation
Description: An uppercut that runs on the same offensive factor as Basaltic Fist, that being a crushing blow which interrupts offenses. This punch is aimed skywards, and actually generates enough wind pressure to launch a small crowd of nearby foes up into the air with enough force to punch them all at once.

Basaltic Punch x3 - 6
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Punch - Flurry
Description: A small flurry of three punches which are meant to disrupt the offensive with explosive force. If all three of these hit, it could end a fight quite easily, though this uses about as much energy as a single Basaltic fist, the ratio is off and this won't work for setting up the Blue Dragon's Storm.

Brazilian Kick x3 - 5
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Kick - Flurry
Description: This move is essentially a quickly strung together set of snapping Brazilian Kicks, which hit down the foe in a row, striking them in all three of high, mid, and lower body, which can really screw up a foe's side. Easier to block though, as the attacks are aimed where the opponent thinks they will be.

Blue Dragon - 8
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Wind Manipulation
Description: A variant of the Blue Dragon's Storm, which may be used without the long and drawn out setup period, though at an extremely lessened output of damage. The user must know Blue Dragon's Storm to use this.

Blue Dragon's Reverse - 9
Martial Art: Full Contact Karate
Type: Counter
Description: The user will block an attack, and channel the energy wave created by it into an equally devastating attack on the foe, while taking lessened damage to themselves, all happening in an instant. The drawback is that the user will still take the hit, so this could viably break their arm.
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Full Contact Karate
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